• ★ IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE The ergonomic grabber gripper reacher and sock assist are great features for those who suffer with arthritis, back pain and sore knees making it stress free to reach objects that are in hard to get places. This Pick-Up & Reaching Tool allows you to easily pick up your sock and assist aid without bending, climbing or stretching. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the unlikely event there's anything wrong with your mobility aids we offer a completely hassle free
  • ★ COLLAPSIBLE BODY TO ENSURE EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORT Save your back from all that bending. Much safer than standing on a chair too. NON SLIP Ergonomic handle that ensure your target object never gets damaged when being picked up - in fact, the 4.5" wide grab is accurate enough to grab a coin from off of the floor. Grabber stick with slip-resistant ergonomic contoured handle feels comfortable in your hand
  • ★ COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE Restore dignity by allowing complete independence. Perfect for the elderly or those that have mobility limitations that would prevent them from being able to bend over. The sock assist opens the sock and positions it to easily glide on the foot without bending down, twisting around or reaching over. Perfect for those with limited mobility and those recovering from surgery or injury. (Instructions are included)
  • ★ EASY & PRACTICAL MOBILITY AIDS FOR EVERYDAY USE Assistive aids assist those with limited reach or functional movement, such as the disabled and elderly and those recovering from a fall or injury. Extend your reach up to 32 inches and secure the items you grab with extra grip rubber tips. Pick-up items from the top shelf, floor, lawn or behind furniture. Save your back and avoid a stepping stool. Also great for picking up trash or other items you don’t want to touch
  • ★ PACKS UP EASILY FOR STORAGE AND TRAVEL Grabber Jaw can rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 degree increments to be used both vertically and horizontally for hard to reach places. A wide, slip-resistant cuff ensures any type of sock or hosiery does not slide off of the end of the sock assist. The Stocking Puller Assistant Aid Compression Sock Helper cords are 33” in length. Simple length adjustments can be made. Can be used with one hand. (Instructions are included)

Grabber Reacher Tool & Sock Aid Kit Assist 2 Pack Mobility Tool Kit

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